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Estate Planning 

Protecting and managing your assets is one of the most important things you do.  We believe proper estate planning will help you obtain financial security for your heirs, prevent delays in distribution of your assets, and, most importantly, give you peace of mind knowing you have provided for your family and future generations. Dunkerley Law will assist in preparing advanced directives for health care, financial powers of attorney, and Last Will and Testament.  We can also help you create a Trust allowing for everything from providing for your heirs’ education, to special needs issues, or fulfilling your charitable giving desires.

We know losing a loved one can be hard and the weeks that follow can be confusing.  Regardless of whether your loved one left a Last Will and Testament, dealing with the Probate Court and financial institutions can seem daunting. Our job at Dunkerley Law is to reduce your stress as our experienced attorney and staff help you through the process of handling your loved one’s estate.  No matter your situation, we can handle everything from simple to complex estates, working with your financial institutions to transfer non-probate assets, and assisting you in completing the distribution of assets as your loved one intended.  


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Often an estate plan requires the creation of specific real estate deeds and affidavits for transfer to accommodate different planning needs.  Dunkerley Law prepares and files all such transfers to ensure that the estate plan created is secure and the chain of title is preserved.


Whether you want to create a Limited Liability Company, establish a Partnership or small Corporation, need Articles of Incorporation or Operating Agreements, Dunkerley Law can provide those services.  In estate planning, it is important to review and update your business succession plans.  Our experienced attorney can work with you and to help protect and pass on your business assets to future generations.  

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